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Bahamas real estate Rockwell Island can only be defined as the embodiment of beachfront living. Located only 48 miles from South Florida, Bahamas real estate Rockwell Island is a planned $250-million multiphase development located in North Bimini, offering first-class estate homes and lavish villas, Rockwell Island takes pride in setting the standard for an alluring beach front living. Other properties in the Bahamas fail to mimic or provide the illustrious luxury living one experiences from Rockwell island. The exclusive venue that is provided along with the uniquely architectural designs bestow beachfront living that is truly un-matched and grant you a getaway resort like none other.

The development of Bahamas Real estate Rockwell Island was constructed with a unique and specialized style in mind, one that separates itself from other Bahamas real estate and Bahamas properties, styles range and offer custom fits for all Bahamas real estate needs one can desire. One can choose from multiple design styles like the contemporary Balinese, Feng Shui, and Moorish plans or enjoy the classical architecture of the Plantation and Palladian homes. The properties boast architectural features from Bali, the Maldives, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea. All provide you with exotic scenic views from any bedroom in the estate home, and grant an expanded experience pertaining to the relaxing sea life and countless amenities that come with a Bahamas Real Estate beachfront estate on Rockwell Island.

Every Bahamas Real Estate beach front estate includes a personal dock where 120 feet of secure mooring is provided, any true fishermen or yachtsman experiences an atmosphere like none other, as the waters of this island make it an ideal location for fishing and provide flawless sailing settings. Real estate in the Bahamas falls short in comparison to the standard of living and luxurious comfort Bahamas Real Estate Rockwell Island incorporates in their coastal homes. With future developing projects set to take place over the following years Bahamas Real Estate Rockwell Island without a doubt will be the ideal location for all of your Bahamas real estate needs. Contact one of our Bahamas real estate agents to acquire any Bahamas property or real estate in the Bahamas questions. When it comes to Bahamas real estate Rockwell Island is the sure way to go for private island in the Bahamas lifestyle. Relax on your yacht, snorkel in your front yard, or just drop a fishing line from your Bahamas real estate dock to get the full Bahamas property home away from home feeling.

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